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Outrageously absorbent
cloth nighttime
diapers. Made for
parents who care
about the planet
AND their sleep.

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Banish those leaky diapers!

They say that with parenthood comes a lifetime subscription to sleepless nights. We say, 'Cancel that subscription!' Stop letting leaky diapers transform you and your tiny tot into nocturnal zombies, bathed in the ‘Eau de parfum Essence’ of last night's diaper leak. Good sleep isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. So, take our quiz, find the diaper that's right for you, and banish those leaky diapers!
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all pooters diapers can be returned in 30 days if you're not happy
all pooters diapers come with a 6 month warranty
pooters hemp fitted diapers hold up to 31 ounces