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Because we give a crap

Durable, long-lasting cloth diapers.
Designed by a Mom of 4.
Guaranteed to never leak.

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The Pooters Promise


  • Designed in TX, USA
  • 30 Day Leak-Free Guarantee


We believe in being as close to NATURAL as possible and don’t mind spending every spare moment researching what’s best to cover our babies’ bottoms. The best way for us is going above and beyond to find what's right for our little Pooters. It’s important for us to keep them healthy and safe starting with natural baby products and reducing our impact on the environment.

Daytime and Overnight Diapers

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  • Save some money and save the planet too!


    Michelle E.

    ¡No leaks!

    Love these!! They’re SOAKED by morning but no leaks! Pretty bulky, but I will totally take it! Came with easy instructions for boys and for girls, and I love the extra insert!

    Tessa E.


    We have been fighting leaky pocket CDs for about 3 months now and this has changed our live overnight, literally. We have a heavy-wetter, stomach sleeper who sleeps 12 hours. She wakes up thoroughly soaked but hasn't leaked. Thanks pooters

    Beth F.

    SO pleased!

    Was looking for a cost-effective cloth diaper for wearing mainly at home during the day. Love how these aren't too bulky and the fit is perfect for my CHUNKY 4 month old. Will definitely be wearing these for as long as we are diapering!

    Sabrina C.

    Best Overnight Diapers

    Love Pooters diapers. They are the only diapers my son can sleep in without having leaks during the night. Have tried other cloth diapers as well as disposables at night and this is the only one that lets him wake up dry

    Aimee R.

    Best Doublers Ever!

    These are SO absorbent - I love them! Hemp is my new all-time-favorite diaper insert. They are easy to clean, they dry flat (I line-dry mine), and they keep moisture away from my sweet baby's skin. They take much longer to reach that "soggy" stage, which means nicer clean-up for Mom, and fresher, more comfortable skin contact for baby!