7 Tips to Prevent Cloth Diaper Leaks: A Mom's Tried and Tested Strategies

Say Goodbye to Blowouts and Hello to Stress-Free Diapering!

Hey mama, are you tired of dealing with diaper blowouts? Cloth diapers are the way to go! But, they can be a bit tricky to use compared to disposables. Let me share some tips to help you prevent leaks and make your diapering journey a little easier.

  •   Tip 1: Check for gaps

Make sure the diaper cover is snug with no gaps to prevent leaks. Look for wet spots on the outside of the cover to find where the wetness is coming from.


  • Tip 2: Tuck the diaper fully inside of the cover

Be sure to tuck the diaper completely inside the cover to avoid small pieces poking out and creating a big wet mess when wet.


  • Tip 3: Upgrade your inserts

For daytime leaks, switch to bamboo or hemp inserts for better absorbency. For nighttime leaks, use a fitted diaper or a flat diaper with extra inserts.


  • Tip 4: Point the "fire hydrant" down

When diapering boys, aim their "fire hydrant" downwards to ensure they pee into the diaper, not out.


  • Tip 5: Double Up inserts for boys and girls

Boys tend to pee towards the front, while girls pee towards the middle. Double up on inserts in those areas to avoid leaks.


  • Tip 6: Replace old or worn diaper covers
If your plastic covers are worn out, it's time to replace them. Try using wool covers instead, which are all-natural, absorbent, and can last for years.


  • Tip 7: Only use rash creams safe for cloth diapers

Be sure to use only cloth diaper-safe rash creams to avoid leaks and funky smells. Check out this list of recommended creams and avoid using non-recommended ones.


By following these tips, you can say goodbye to cloth diaper leaks without the need for stripping, boiling, or Borax. Spend less time worrying about leaks and more time snuggling your little one. Happy diapering!

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