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While there are 7 different styles of cloth diapers (pre-fold, contour, flat, all in one, all in two, hybrid, and fitted) Pooters is dedicated to only selling one kind of diaper - fitted diapers. To be more specific, we sell premium hemp fitted diapers.

Why hemp fitted diapers?

First... Hemp is the most sustainable crop on the planet, and among the strongest. Hemp is 3 times stronger than cotton and 62% more resistant to tears. Second... we absolutely hate leaks and blowouts and fitted diapers are hands-down the best style of diaper for preventing leaks and blowouts among both disposable and reusable diapers. So when you buy a Pooters diaper you’re buying a diaper that is insanely sustainable, eco-friendly, durable, crazy absorbent, and guaranteed to never leak (or your money back).

*definition: a blowout is when your baby poops and the poop makes its way out of the diaper and up your baby’s back, on their legs, and sometimes their bellies

Why Pooters? Because we give a crap...about your baby and about our planet. 

We carry two types of fitteds on our site – Snapless Fitteds and Hemp Overnight Fitteds. 

1. SNAPLESS FITTEDS (as low as $10 each)

This diaper is made from premium organic cotton and includes elastic in the leg area and in the back to prevent leaks and blowouts. It also comes with a premium hemp insert that you lay flat inside of the diaper to make it absorbent. This diaper is available in two sizes.  Size 1 fits babies between 6 and 15 pounds and holds up to 10.5 ounces. Size 2 fits babies between 15 and 40 pounds and holds up to 21 ounces. 

Note: You will also need to purchase Snappis to hold this diaper on your baby, and you will need to purchase a waterproof diaper cover to go over it. 

     >> Click here to shop our Snapless Fitted diapers

    2. HEMP OVERNIGHT FITTEDS (as low as $16 each)

    This diaper is designed for babies who are heavy wetters and works really great at preventing leaks at nighttime. It is made from a blend of premium hemp and organic cotton fabric and includes elastic in the leg area and in the back to prevent leaks and blowouts. It comes with 3 absorbent hemp inserts that you can stack to adjust how much it can absorb between 14 and 31 ounces.

    It comes in one size to fit babies between 8 and 40 pounds and is adjusted with snaps so you can simply wrap it and snap it around your baby.

    Note: You will need to purchase a waterproof diaper cover  to go over this diaper. 

     >> Click here to shop our Hemp Overnight Fitted diapers


    I sell two types of covers on my site: Plastic and Wool. 


    These covers are great because they're easy to use. If they get dirty you can just take a wet towel or cloth and wipe them clean. And if they smell, you can just toss them in the washer. Our plastic covers are made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes) so they're incredibly durable and don't make an annoying squeaky sound when your baby moves. We've also added rainbow-colored snaps to them to make it easy for you to get the perfect, leak-free fit on your baby. That's why we call them our "Perfect Fit" covers.

     >> Click here to shop our Perfect Fit Plastic Covers


    Wool shorties are great if your child's skin is easily irritated by clothing with elastic in the leg area, or if your child has chubby thighs.  Since our wool is made from 100% Merino wool fibers, it's soft and stretchy instead of scratchy like some other wool products. Wool is absorbent too. One watch-out is that wool is hand-wash only so you cannot put it in a washer. Thankfully though, it only needs to be cleaned once a month.  

     >> Click here to shop our Wool covers

    Reviews (3 comments)

    • Bethany Barron On

      My son is an extremely heavy wetter. I was feeling like a failure, but determined to find a solution (namely for overnight) I ended up finding Pooters and our lives changed!!! We also recently discovered the Pooters wool shorties which I originally was afraid of for so long (didn’t imagine they’d really be waterproof, thought they’d be bulky and scratchy…) but boy is my mind changed! I now LOVE these wool shorties, they’re soft, rather trim, absorbent yet waterproof, breathable, the coverage at night compared to a regular cover is incredible, 360- no leaks. LOVE IT!

    • Bethany B On

      We were having an AWFUL time finding a nighttime diaper solution for my toddler who will wet through even a disposable overnight diaper overnight. Pooters has been LIFE CHANGING! Best diapers ever. At first I was worried to try because they’re pretty pricey compared to the diapers we use for daytime but it was worth every penny! Buying more for our second child! Saves money in the long run, better for baby, better for the planet, BETTER!!!❤️

    • Michelle On

      Hi there,
      Desperate mama here…do you know when you’ll have the overnights back in stock?

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