How to Battle the Yeast Rash Beast and Win!

Yeast Rash. Ugh!  I don't even like the name.  Worse yet, it's a horribly ugly rash that takes at least a week to get rid of.

If you're here on my page it means that most likely your little has a yeast rash. If that's the case - "hugs mama".  I'm sorry you and your little have to deal with this.  The good news is that you're in good hands with this article.  I've battled yeast rash at least 3 times that I can remember and each time I was able to get it to clear up in about a week with no trip (or copay) to the doctor's office.


Before I tell you how to defeat the rash, I want to first set a little context.  Yeast rash looks like really bad acne all over the bum. Sometimes the bumps will burst and appear like red, open sores.  It is definitely not a rash for the faint of heart. So how did your little get such an ugly looking thing?  Well, all along our GI tract (from mouth to bum) there are good and bad bacteria. Acidic foods, insanely sugary foods and antibiotics are all things that can destroy the healthy balance of this good and bad bacteria.  When the balance is destroyed, germs can flourish.  One such “germ” is yeast, a gnarly little fungus that grows whenever there is moisture and warmth – and what better place for that, than your little's bum.

Getting Rid of Yeast

Eliminating a yeast rash requires 2 things:

  • Killing the yeast
  • Killing the yeast spores. 

Say it with me… “Yeast spores, if not destroyed, will simply create more yeast.”   

So what’s a parent to do?

Step 1 - Apply a yeast-rash diaper cream, anti-fungal cream like Lotrimin, or a 50-50 diluted mix of Bragg's apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water at every diaper change for up to 7 days

Step 2 - Give baby a daily does of an infant probiotic to bring balance to the GI tract.

Step 3 - Add 1 cup of bleach to every cloth diaper load up to 5 days after the rash has disappeared to prevent the spores from spawning off more yeast.

This has been my tried and true method for getting rid of a yeast rash and not have it come back again.  Leave a comment below and let me know if this worked for you also.

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  • Pooters On

    Color-safe bleach will not work.

  • Alex On

    i have color safe bleach and was wondering if that has worked for you. Can you use the apple cider vinegar and water combo as a wipe solution all the time?

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