Bliss - A Review of the Most Admired Overnight Cloth Diapers of the Year

 Have you ever wondered?


  • What are the best organic cloth diapers?
  • What are the best cloth diapers for heavy wetters?
  • Which brand of diaper is the most absorbent?
  • Which cloth diaper is best for overnight?
  • Which cloth diapers hold the most liquid?
  • How do I stop my baby from peeing out of the diaper at night?

If so, this article is for the you!

Finding the best cloth diaper to keep your little one dry at night can be a hard task. There's a ton of information out there and figuring out what will work can be frustrating. In this article, I will answer your questions and give you the top 5 best overnight diapers for your heavy wetter.


  • I'm an Expert

Okay, "expert" may be a stretch, but I am a mom of 4 that has had the "luxury" of diapering 4 kiddos over a period of 11 years.  That's roughly 19,520 diaper changes (give or take a few) - but who's counting? And I've had my share of diapers that work, and those that don't. So to save you the headache, I've included below the best overnight cloth diapers - IMO.


  • It's All About the Pee

Some babies can put out anywhere from 22 to 30 ounces a night. So to truly stop leaks, it's about making sure the diaper you choose can hold up to what your baby can put out.


  • It's All About the Fabric

To put it bluntly, to stop a leaky diaper pay attention to how much pee it can hold. All diapers are NOT created equal. As a general rule, diapers with microfiber inserts hold the least, while diapers with hemp inserts hold the most. Here's a quick list of fabrics from least absorbent to most absorbent.

  1. microfiber (synthetic)
  2. cotton 
  3. bamboo / charcoal bamboo
  4. hemp
  5. zorb (synthetic)
If your baby has sensitive skin, you'll want to avoid synthetic fabric because it will irritate their skin overnight and cause a rash.


  • How Much Pee?

Use the chart below to find out how much your baby pees at night.

chart of urine output at night based on baby weight

Now that you know what your little one is putting out, check out my recommended list of the best nighttime cloth diapers for your heavy wetter.


My Top Recommended Nighttime Diapers for Heavy Wetters

1. Pooters Hemp Super Soaker ($34 each)

Okay, this may be a shameless plug for my own diaper, BUT, in my defense, it can stand with the best of them. 


  • affordable
  • holds up to 31 ounces
  • made of 6 layers of premium hemp fabric
  • customizable inserts that can be folded for a boy, or differently for a girl
  • won't shrink
  • easy to wash
  • lasts through multiple washes (and years, and kids)
  • keeps baby feeling dry no matter how much they pee
  • Designed by a WAHM
  • takes a really long time to dry
  • stains easily


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2. Sloomb Overnight Fitted ($33 - $36 each)


  • holds up to 32 ounces
  • made from a very soft cotton / bamboo blend (feels like buttah)
  • easy to wash
  • lasts through multiple washes
  • Designed by a WAHM


  • no stay dry layer
  • expensive at $1.13 per ounce
  • shrinks a lot after washing (I recommend sizing up)
  • takes a while to dry  



3. Twinkie Tush Night NIght ($55.50 - $60.50)


  • holds up to 37 ounces
  • made from a blend of poly fleece and bamboo
  • won't shrink
  • gives a nice, snug fit to prevent leaks
  • keeps baby feeling dry no matter how much they pee
  • Designed by a WAHM


  • very expensive at $1.63 per ounce   

twinkie tush night night diaper


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  • A Personal Story

When I started diapering my first kid (a boy) he started leaking through every diaper imaginable at around 6 months.  It was frustrating. It woke him up at night and it was hard getting him back to sleep. Not to mention, there's nothing worse than trying to change a baby and a crib sheet at 3 AM.  And the idea of my son lying in a pool of his own pee really made me angry. So I set out on a mission to find a diaper that was affordable and wouldn't leak. My search eventually led me to make my own diaper, and later, my own diaper company - Pooters. My Hemp Fitted diaper holds up to 31 ounces. It's made from hemp fabric which is not only earth friendly, but crazy absorbent. The best part is that it lasts a really long time. Years to be exact. The same diaper that worked for him, also worked for my 2nd, 3rd, and ultimately my 4th kiddo. But my story isn't unique. Many of the parents that buy my diaper, used to buy disposable diapers for nighttime, but have come to only trust my diaper at night - saving a ton of money and tears in the process.  If you're sick of spending money on disposables or tired of nighttime cloth diapers that don't cut it, I invite you to checkout my best-selling diaper. It's guaranteed not to leak (seriously, you can read all about my 30 Day Happiness Guarantee here).  And if for any reason you are not happy with it, you can return it for free, and get a full refund.


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