The ultimate guide to baby diaper rash in cloth diapers

While diaper rash in cloth diapers is not as common as it is in disposable diapers, it does happen. Below are pictures and descriptions of the 5 most common diaper rashes babies get while wearing cloth diapers and what you can do to cure them. I also include mom-proven tips on how to get rid of the rash quickly and safely.



Appearance: flat and blotchy

Location:  all over the bum

Cause: exposure harsh chemicals like bleach, soap or detergent or exposure to synthetic fabrics like polyester or fleece.



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Appearance: red, itchy, scaly and cracked

Location:  folds of the skin, elbows, cheeks, back of the knee and bum

Cause: unknown but often triggered by heat, dairy, soy and gluten



Appearance: flat and blotchy, possible blisters

Location:  bum

Cause: prolonged exposure to urine, usually overnight

Solutions: (any or all of these would help)

  • change diapers more often (preferably every 1 - 2 hours)
  • increase water intake to lower the pH in the urine
  • Apply a cloth-diaper safe diaper cream at every diaper change
  • Add a fleece liner to wick urine away from the skin
  • Rinse diapers for 30 seconds under fresh water before placing in diaper pail 


Appearance: red "burn" ring around the rectum

Location:  rectum and/or bum

Cause: consumption of acidic food like citrus fruits, tomato-based foods and dairy


    1. Remove acidic foods from baby's diet (or mom's diet if breastfeeding)
    2. Give baby a daily dose of an infant probiotic
    3. Apply a cloth-diaper safe diaper cream at every diaper change

      5. YEAST RASH 

      Appearance: acne-like pimples

      Location:  entire bum

      Cause: over-consumption of antibiotics or citrus fruits

      Solution: (note: treating yeast is a 3-step process)

        1. Apply a yeast-rash diaper cream, anti-fungal cream like Lotrimin, or a 50-50 diluted mix of Bragg's apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water at every diaper change for up to 7 days
        2. Balance the bacteria in the stomach by giving baby a daily does of an infant probiotic
        3. Add 1 cup of bleach to every cloth diaper load up to 5 days after the rash has disappeared
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          • jerin jahan On

            Irritant diaper dermatitis is a generic term applied to skin rashes in the diaper area that are … Breast-fed babies, for example, have a lower incidence of
            diaper rash, possibly because their stools have higher pH and lower enzymatic activity.

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