Benefits of the Pooters Overnight Hemp Fitted

Benefits of the Pooters Overnight Hemp Fitted By: 
Dakota Wilson

  1. Pooters hemp is organic! Woot woot
  2. Pooters overnight hemp fitted absorbs 31oz
  3. Hemp/Cotton is natural so it doesn’t stink or hold onto odors!
  4. Great for heavy wetters! Hemp in general is very absorbent, and fitteds provide even more!

My experience using the Pooters hemp fitted and wool shorties....

In my 3 years of cloth diapering I have never used a cloth overnight. If I couldn’t get a diaper to last more than 4 hours during the day, how was I going to be able to find something to use overnight? My baby is 9 months old and nurses literally ALL night long. So I was actually really nervous because who wants to deal with a wet bed from pee at 4 AM - not me! I even had extra sheets and PJ’s out next to the bed in case it leaked overnight, haha!

I put on the Pooters hemp fitted with all the included extra inserts (I was playing it safe) and the wool cover and we went to bed. I felt her several times throughout the night to see if there was any dampness - There never was! When she woke up for the day and I changed her, the actual fitted part of the diaper wasn’t even wet, just slightly damp in the middle part...mind blown! When this comes out of the wash to be used again, I will take out the smaller inserts and just use the stay dry insert so it’s not so poofy because I think that will be plenty absorbent!

I’m thankful to have found an 100% full-proof overnight system! I’m also super glad I gave wool a try. It wasn’t hard to learn, at all. After just washing and lanolizing it once, I already feel like a pro! It took maybe 20 mins total to wash and prep it (not counting the soaking time, obviously) and you only have to do that every 2-3 weeks (once the lanolin wears off.)

If you are looking for an overnight system that’s guaranteed to work and/or are ready to try something new, this Pooters combo is for you!

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