Benefits of Merino Wool

Benefits of using Pooters Merino Wool Shorties with the Overnight Hemp Fitted!
merino wool shorties

Before finding Pooters diapers I’ve only ever just heard of wool. 

The thought of learning how to use them intimidated me, so I never tried them. 

I had also never used cloth diapers overnight because finding something with the amount of absorbency needed seemed impossible. I had simply come to the conclusion that I probably never would use wool and I just wouldn’t cloth diaper overnight. BUT seeing Pooters wool and hemp fitted together seemed like the perfect combo to finally get me to try it!

Using wool is a new learning curve for sure - So is using cloth overnight; pockets and inserts; and so is using covers and flats. My point being, each type of cloth diapering has its own learning curve. No need to be intimidated to try wool - It’s just one of the many kinds of cloth diapering and it comes with a multitude of benefits!

With that being said, let’s chat about the benefits of wool…

  1. Wool only needs to be washed every few weeks! (unless soiled with poop - but even then you can simply spot clean for quick reuse)
  2. Wool is very easy to clean! 3 simple steps will get the job done: 1. Gentle soap in a bucket to clean them. 2. Soak in lanolin for a few hours. 3. Lay flat to dry!
  3. Wool is naturally antibacterial! The lanolin used to “waterproof” the wool breaks down the urine and causes it to evaporate. This is why you don’t need to wash very often since it doesn’t hold onto the urine.
  4. Wool is good for helping keep babies’ body temperature regulated! We often think of wool as something we wear to keep warm. But it actually helps baby stay cool also since it creates little air pockets between the knit to help keep a regulated body temperature.
  5. Wool is great for sensitive skin! No red marks, it’s super soft. And again, super breathable so no trapped in moisture.
  6. Wool is great for heavy wetters! Like I said above, lanolin evaporates the moisture so it basically helps absorb the extra while still feeling dry.

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