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Pooters Cloth Diaper Product Reviews

Testimonials / Reviews from Moms

Pooters One-Size Organic Inserts
"Pooters one-size organic inserts are uber trim and soak up a lot of moisture!"


Pooters Leak-Free Fitteds
"High quality, super absorbent fitteds that won't break the bank."
"You’d be hard pressed to find another cloth diaper as affordable, absorbent and trim as a Pooters hemp fitted."
"Overall, this is a great fitted! It’s very absorbent and very affordable as well! "
"I really love this diaper. Why do I love it? It is very easy to use and it is very absorbent."
"I've tried Pooters fitted and they were great!!! No leaks great quality!! I still have them for my #2!!"
"Pooters are great! And the owner is wonderful to work with"
"They work AMAZING at keeping our sheets dry for more than 12 hours!"
"I bought a pooters hemp fitted and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. it has been THE only fitted at night that is still mostly dry on the outside and doesn't even touch the wool longies. i would definitely recommend it".

Reviews by Mommy Bloggers

Pooters One-Size Contour Diapers get 5 out of 5 stars
by Mom Recommendations on
"So, so, so soft. FANTASTIC! Contains explosive EBF poo well. Great customer service too. I highly recommend this product."
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Pooters Leak-Free Fitteds get 4.75 out of 5 stars
by Mom Recommendations on
"10 hours - no leaks! This is my go-to nighttime diaper. HIGHLY absorbent."
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Pooters One-Size Hemp Inserts get 5 out of 5 stars
by Mom Recommendations on
"I have never received customer service as phenomenal as the service I've gotten here. It is truly remarkable. After a few nights of using [the hemp inserts] I decided they were amazing. NO LEAKS AT ALL! I can use them with confidence knowing leaking is next to impossible."
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Pooters Contour Gets 4.5 Stars!
by K ROSAS of on JUNE 13, 2011
"This is another fantastic product from Pooters. I also just have to add that working with the owner of Pooters has always been a pleasure. I can tell how much she cares about her products and cloth diapering even through email. She is a great mom to buy from and support!"
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Pooters Leak-Free Fitted. 5 Bums Up!
by The Gnome's Mom on JANUARY 11, 2012
"Pooters OS Bamboo Fitteds are a staple in our stash. They’re amazing and extremely well priced. I recommend them to everyone."
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by JULIE KIERAS of AYearWithMomAndDad on MARCH 25, 2011
"I have been using the Pooters One Size Fitted for a couple months now, which means it gets put to the test about 2-3 times a week! I have NOT had a leak in this diaper ever"
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Pooters Leak-Free Fitteds Make the top 10
by AUTUMN BECK of on DECEMBER 23, 2010
"THE #1 fitted for affordable nighttime cloth diapering. Pooters completely smashes the competition with price, trimness and absorbency."
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Pooters Meets 9 out of 10
by EMI STAMLER of on JULY 17, 2010
"If you are looking for an affordable, one size fitted diaper that cuts bulk without compromising absorption, Pooters is a great option."
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Pooters Leak-Free Fitted Gets 5 Stars!
by K ROSAS of on MAY 17, 2010
"5 out of 5 stars for performance. This is one absorbent diaper!. I love the WAHM behind them and she is a great advocate for cloth diapers and believes in the product."
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Pooters Leak-Free Fitted = A+++
by SARAH LEWIS of LewisCrazyHouse Blog on MAY 1, 2010
"The best part about Pooters... has to be their awesome customer service! I've gone through at least 20 brands. The best, bullet-proof solution seems to be fitted diapers with a cover. For nighttime, my favorite of course is ... Pooters Hemp fitted because [it is] so ridiculously absorbent. A fleece cover over this diaper will make it [a] bullet-proof combo."
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Pooters Leak-Free Fitted Cloth Diapers: A Nighttime Fitted Review
by AUTUMN BECK of on APRIL 13, 2010
"Pooters cloth diapers is owned by a sweet and super helpful (she answers many questions on my Facebook fan page) mama. [Her diapers are] trim (like most hemp diapers) and yet absorb a ton"
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Pooters Leak-Free Fitted - A Hemp Fitted Diaper That’s a Workhorse
by TERESHA PETITE of Marlie and Me Blog on FEBRUARY 28, 2010
"I used the Pooters hemp fitted as Marlie's nighttime diaper instead of her usual bamboo fitted. In the morning, her bum was dry and the diaper was not soggy, whereas her bamboo diaper was always wet to the touch. The hemp fitted diaper is a workhorse! I will definitely be adding more of these to our stash!"
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