How To Guide

A Complete Guide on Using Pooters Cloth Diapers | Tips and Recommendations

How to Use a Pooters Cloth Diaper

1 - Choose your fitted diaperPooters offers two types of reusable cloth diapers for your convenience - hemp fitteds and snapless fitteds. Hemp fitteds were designed for nighttime use, this one-size-fits-most diaper is made from hemp and comes with adjustable snaps. It includes two inserts and an additional hemp insert for heavy wetters. Snapless fitteds are suitable for both daytime and nighttime, this organic cotton diaper comes in two sizes. Customize it by adding inserts as needed and enjoy its excellent leak prevention capabilities.

2 - Choose an Insert: Pooters provides two types of cloth diaper inserts for optimal absorbency - stay-dry and boosters.  The stay-dry hemp insert holds up to 13 ounces. It's versatile and can be used in any cloth diaper, an empty diaper cover, or a disposable diaper to prevent nighttime leaks. It also features a fleece side for a dry feel. The hemp diaper booster pad has a capacity of 2.5 ounces making it the perfect replacement for a microfiber insert. It can also be laid inside flat, prefold, pocket, or fitted diapers

3 - Choose a Cover: Since Pooters diapers are not waterproof, you'll need a diaper cover for protection. Pooters offers two options - a PUL cover and a wool cover. Featured in Parents® Magazine, the Perfect Fit PUL cover is a cult-favorite reusable PUL diaper cover that can fit over any diaper. They feature non-latex elastic for leak prevention and rainbow-colored snaps for a perfect fit. Our Merino wool covers are made from ultra lightweight Merino wool. These covers can be used with both reusable and disposable diapers and provide a gentle and leak-proof fit - making them ideal for sensitive skin or sensory issues.

How many diapers should I buy? 

For babies newborn to 3 months, purchase 24 to 36 newborn snapless OR hemp fitted diapers, and 6 to 9 small PUL diaper covers OR 3 wool covers. For babies old than 3 months, purchase 15 to 20 larger snapless OR hemp fitted diapers and 3 to 5 large PUL diaper covers or 3 wool covers

    How do I clean them? 

    To keep your diapers clean and to make them last, follow these steps. Hand wash and lanolize your wool covers every 3 weeks. Wash your cloth diapers every 2 to 3 days. Run one hot wash cycle with detergent, one hot wash cycle without detergent, rinse cold, and dry in the dryer. 

    Optional: For extra softness, add a plant-based fabric softener like Mrs. Meyers, 7th Generation or Ecover, to the fabric softener cup in your washer.


    What else do I need to buy?

    • 1 small wet bag for storing dirty diapers when you’re away from home
    • a 13-gallon plastic trash pail + 1 diaper pail liner OR 1 large hanging wet bag for storing dirty diapers in your home
    • 1 jar of cloth-friendly diaper rash cream 
    • Liquid detergent (I recommend Tide Original)
    • Optional: If you buy snapless fitteds, you'll also need to purchase diaper pins or Snappi's to secure the diaper on your baby.


    What do I do with the Poop? Here are 4 common methods for removing poop from your diapers before washing:

    1. Scrape: Using a spatula or something similar to scrape the poop off the diaper into the toilet
    2. Spray: Invest in a diaper sprayer, easily attachable to your toilet's water line, for convenient spraying of poop into the toilet.
    3. Dunk & Swish: Dunk the diaper into the toilet water and swish it around to loosen and remove the poop.
    4. Liners: Consider using disposable liners inside the diaper to catch poop, allowing for easy flushing or disposal. Viva paper towels are reported to work well too.