Wool 103 - How to store wool for extended periods of time

Storing Your Wool

When stored over a period of time, wool has a propensity to be eaten by a number of insects – including moth larvae and carpet beetles. The reason is that wool fiber is basically made up of protein - a highly desirable food source for larvae. To keep insects from eating your wool diaper covers follow these simple do’s and don’ts.

  1. clean your wool
  2. wrap it in newspaper (moths hate newspaper)
  3. place it in a cotton pillowcase (or other cotton bag)
  4. tie the end of the bag shut with twine
  5. place bag inside of another pillowcase with the tied ends on opposite sides  
  6. keep away from direct sunlight, damp areas, hot attics or dusty garages


  • thoroughly clean your wool before storing
  • wrap your wool in newspaper and cotton


  • store in a cardboard box, plastic bag or plastic bin
  • store in direct sunlight, damp areas
  • place in hot attics or dusty garages

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