Vinyl vs PUL cloth diaper covers - which is better?

Which is better – vinyl or PUL diaper covers?

Vinyl is the material that went into the original diaper covers your grandma used to use. They were made popular by the Gerber brand. These covers are designed to fit over Fitted, Prefold and Contour diapers. While vinyl doesn’t breathe as well as other materials it is very inexpensive – making it a good choice for moms on a tight budget.

The major watchout with vinyl covers is that because they don’t breathe as well as PUL or other diaper cover materials, you run the risk of baby developing a diaper rash because of the heat that tends to build up in this type of cover. To eliminate this, change baby often and purchase diapers made from super-absorbent natural materials like bamboo and hemp. Also, to preempt diaper rash, put diaper rash cream on baby during each diaper change.

Be sure to review our list of Recommended Diaper Rash creams.

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