How to Soften Cloth Diapers - Hint: Dryer Sheets are Bad!

Softening Your Diapers the Natural Way

Materials like hemp, terry, cotton and velour can harden over time and you’ll want to soften them up. Whatever you do though, don’t use fabric softener. It will reduce your diapers' absorbency and cause your waterproof covers to lose their moisture repellant abilities. A cloth diaper friendly solution is to use vinegar or wool dryer balls. Both will soften your diapers and reduce static.

1/4 cup of White Distilled Vinegar added to final rinse cycle
2 to 4 Wool Dryer Balls added to drying cycle

- Don’t be alarmed if your diapers smell like vinegar when they come out the wash. The smell will disappear once dried.
- Avoid using vinegar in hard water areas. It can cause odor problems and diaper leaks.
- Be careful not to use vinegar in your wash more than once a month. Overuse can breakdown the PUL in your diapers.

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