Fleece Cloth Diaper Covers - washing, care and use instructions

Caring for Fleece

While fleece is very easy to care for, there are a few watch-outs and tips to keep in mind.

1. Watch Out for Hemp:
Be careful when washing it with diapers or doublers made from hemp. Hemp has natural oils in it that don’t fully leave the diaper until they’ve been washed at least 8 times. Before then, every time you wash them, oils are released into the wash. While this isn’t a problem for your other diapers, it is a problem for fleece. These oils reduce fleece absorbency. So until your hemp items have been washed 8 times, wash your fleece items separately.

2. Keep Washing Simple:
There really is no wrong way to wash your fleece. Fleece is 100% polyester. Simply throw it in the wash with your other diapers and launder as usual.

3. Be Gentle:
Fleece is a very soft, gentle fabric. Be careful not to pull it too roughly as it will lose its shape and won’t fit as snug on baby.

4. Let it Breathe
Fleece is very absorbent, but when compressed, it release all the moisture it's retaining. So make sure when you put the cover on baby, that the clothes you place around it aren’t snug fitting. If they are, they will squeeze the fleece and it won’t be able to retain baby’s moisture – defeating the purpose of putting baby in the fleece cover.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Use Dryer Sheets
While dryer sheets are not recommended for ANY other cloth diaper material, they are recommended for fleece. The ingredients in dryer sheets actually help to restore their absorbency and water repellant abilities.

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  • Meagan On

    I don’t understand the difference between hemp oil getting on it and dryer sheet fat getting on it. Can you explain why dryer sheets are okay?

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