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Cloth diaper shopping tips

December 29, 2014

Cloth Diaper Buying Tips

When you consider the fact that the average person will spend anywhere from $1800 to $2100 to diaper a baby with disposables from birth to potty training – it’s not far fetched that budget restraints are a common reason why many mamas turn towards cloth diapers. But while you really can save money by using cloth diapers, it’s hard figuring out where to begin. Here are a few tips to help you make the best cloth diapering choices:

1. Sample Before You Buy
If you’re new to cloth diapering, don’t buy a full stash of one type of diaper. Just because a diaper receives positive reviews or a friend recommended a certain brand doesn’t mean it will perform great for you and your baby. Instead learn about the different types of diapers that are out there, and purchase a few to try before deciding on a whole stash. I also recommend waiting to buy your full stash until AFTER baby is born. That way you can buy more appropriately for your baby. For example, if baby has a sensitivity to a certain material, or has chunky legs - these factors will affect the type of diaper you buy.

2. Sell Before You Buy Again
For those diapers that didn’t work for you and baby, or that baby has outgrown, consider selling them on sites like Diaperswappers, Swapmamas,, etc. You can often recoup some of your initial costs and use that money towards building your stash.

3. Read the Reviews
Not sure if the diaper you want to buy is a good one? Check out Diaper Pin . This is a great site that shows a compilation of unbiased mommy opinions on all types of cloth diapers and accessories.

4. Keep It Simple
Simplify your cloth diaper routine. I hear of mamas who spend hours washing diapers because they have complicated wash routines or worse yet, mamas who spend thousands on accessories just to cloth diaper. This is hardly necessary. In truth, it should take you less than 30 minutes to wash your cloth diapers and there are really only 4 main essential items you need to cloth diaper. Remember, the simpler your cloth diaper routine, the simpler your life will be.

5. Use Other Green Methods
Cloth diapers are a great start in shrinking your baby’s carbon footprint, but also consider other ‘green’ steps you can take like using cloth wipes and wool dryer balls. Cloth wipes are easy to use, and will reduce the amount of money needed for disposable wipes. Wool dryer balls can help reduce your drying time by up to 40% - saving you time and money.

Watch Types of Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diapering Essentials

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