Cloth diaper materials explained

Deciding Which Diaper Material is Best for Baby

These days, cloth diapers aren’t just made of cotton anymore. Some come in materials like bamboo that are more environmentally friendly and have antimicrobial benefits for baby. The chart below will show you the most common material types and their benefits.

  Description Review
Birdseye A cotton based fabric that is almost ‘gauze’-like in look and feel. Very thin and not very absorbent.
Hemp A fiber derived from the inner bark of the hemp plant. Very durable and absorbent but has a long drying time.  Has natural anti-microbial properties. Eco-friendly and sustainable.
Hemp French Terry Blended fabric of hemp and cotton terry cloth. Very durable and absorbent. Has natural anti-microbial properties. Softer than 100% hemp.
Bamboo A fiber derived from Bamboo trees. Very absorbent. Has natural anti-microbial properties. Very soft and gentle fiber for baby. Eco-friendly and sustainable.
Fleece (also Polar Fleece, Hemp Fleece and Microfleece) A 100% polyester material effective at wicking away moisture. Very soft and gentle. Great at wicking away moisture from baby’s skin. Breathes well.
PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) Thin, soft, waterproof fabric most often used to create diaper covers or the waterproof lining of Pocket and All in One diapers to prevent leaks. Waterproof, but a man-made material.
Terry (also Terry Cloth, Stretch Knit Terry and Burley Knit Terry) Cotton fabric designed with loops to absorb large amounts of water. Very absorbent and soft but blended with polyester (a synthetic material) to improve durability.
Wool (also Merino and Angora wool) Naturally antibacterial fibers derived from Merino sheep or Angora rabbits. The most efficient material for absorbing moisture and keeping baby’s skin and clothes dry. Also a high maintenance laundering material. 
Sherpa A heavier weight of Terry that has been brushed to give a super soft feel. Very absorbent and soft but typically blended with polyester (a synthetic material) to improve durability.
Velour A medium-weight, closely-woven fabric resembling velvet. Very soft fabric used to create fun, attractive diaper covers.
Windpro A polar fleece designed to repel water but remain breathable. Has the water repellant abilities of wool but doesn’t need to be lanolized.

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