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Cloth Diaper Leaks at Night - How to Stop Your Cloth Diapers from Leaking at Nighttime

March 01, 2011

Stopping Diaper Leaks During the Night

12 hours or more in one cloth diaper is a long time. And if your child is 6 months or older, they're putting at least 20 ounces into their cloth diaper every night. Below is a list of mom-recommended nighttime cloth diaper combinations.

Step 1: Pick a diaper

Fitteds are your best choice for nighttime diapering. Pocket, All-in-One (AIO) and All-in-Twos (AI2) should be avoided.  The following diapers hold at least 20 ounces of urine.

  • Huggies Overnites size 6
  • Huggies Snug n Dry size 6
  • Kissing Blake Night time Hybrid Fitted bamboo fleece
  • Luvs size 6
  • Pampers Baby Dry size 6
  • Pooters Bamboo Overnight fitted
  • Pooters Hemp Overnight PLUS fitted
  • Sustainablebabyish organic bamboo fleece (OBF)
  • Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposables XS
  • Truly Charis Heavy Wetter Fitted OS hemp/cotton
  • Twinkie Tush Fusion OS bamboo/cotton/fleece
  • Twinkie Tush Night-Nights OS cotton velour
  • Twinkie Tush OS bamboo/cotton
  • Up & Up (Target) size 6

Step 2: Pick a booster

Boosters help to "boost" the absorbency in your diaper. They can be used with both cloth and disposable diapers.  Boosters made from bamboo or hemp are the most absorbent. The following boosters hold at least 10 ounces of urine.

  • Geffen Baby Hemp Prefold 
  • Thirsties Hemp Prefold
  • Applecheeks Bamboo 2ply
  • Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold Size 2 
  • RagaBabe Bulletproof Insert, L  
  • Geffen Baby Jersey Hemp Prefold, M/L 
  • GMD Unbleached Novice Prefold 
  • Nicki's Bamboo Flat
  • Stashify Luxury Bamboo Flat
  • Pooters Hemp Stay-dry Insert
  • Hemp Babies Flat

Step 3: Pick a cover

Your choice in a diaper cover is almost as important as your choice in a diaper.  Wool diaper covers are the most breathable and absorbent.  Fleece is the next most absorbent but it gets pretty warm in the summer time.  PUL is not as absorbent as fleece, but can be used year-round.

  • Sustainablebabyish Wool Covers
  • LANA Wool Soakers
  • Disana Merino Wool Cover
  • Aristocrats Wool Diaper Covers
  • Truly Charis Wool Interlock Covers
  • Monkee Bumz Fleece Covers
  • Pooters Perfect Fit (PUL)
  • Thirsties Duo Wraps (PUL)
  • Motherease Airflow Covers (PUL)



  • Put diaper rash cream on baby before bed to help prevent any irritation that may be caused by excessive wetting
  • If baby is a tummy sleeper and/or a boy, pack the front of the diaper with the inserts/doublers. Bamboo and Hemp doublers usually work best for this because they're super absorbent, thin and can fold up easily without adding a lot of bulk.
  • Don’t use pocket, AIO or AI2 diapers. They tend to leak – and more so with tummy sleepers.
  • PUL covers like Motherease Airflow and Thirsties breathe well but most don’t. As baby sleeps, heat can get trapped inside the diaper making it uncomfortable for baby and possibly cause rashes. Consider wool first (it breathes best).

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