Cloth Diaper Closures - The Pros and Cons of Snaps, Velcro and Snappis

Diaper Closures (Velcro, Snaps and Snappis)

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Hook & Loop (a.k.a. Velcro)

Who doesn’t know how to use Velcro. It’s very easy to use even for cloth diapers novices. It also requires no brain-power when you're changing baby during that 3 AM diaper change. Even daddies can figure these out.

Unfortunately Velcro doesn’t stand up well over-time. Multiple hot washes cause it to lose its' stickiness over time. Additionally it tends to open up in the wash (even the best ones) and snag and stick to other diapers in the wash creating annoying diaper chains and occasionally causing other diapers to nap up. Finally, it doesn’t take long for very creative and inquisitive babies to figure out how to take off their Velcro diaper and go streaking!



While they require more of a learning curve than Velcro, diapers with snaps make up for it in their long-lasting durability. Snaps won’t wear down over time – even after multiple washes. They also won’t snag other items in the wash and are fairly difficult for baby to unfasten.

Snapping a diaper on a wiggly baby is no easy task – especially during a 3 AM diaper change. Also, be sure to be on hand with daddy the first few times he tries to put this one on baby. It's not rocket science, but it's not that intuitive either.



First off, you only need these if you plan on using prefold or contour diapers. If that’s the case, these handy inventions are far easier to use than baby diaper pins. No fear of pricking baby or mommy with a sharp pin and very easy to keep track of.

To ensure they stay in place, Snappis have tiny little plastic teeth on the edge of them. While there is a safety strap that wraps around them, I must admit I’ve pricked myself a few times while grabbing one out of the diaper caddy.

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