Bamboo and Hemp Cloth Diaper Washing Instructions

Caring for Bamboo and Hemp

Bamboo and Hemp, like fleece, are also very easy to care for, but there are a few watch-outs and tips to keep in mind.

1. Wash, wash, wash:
Bamboo and Hemp can absorb 30% more fluids than cotton. However, bamboo and hemp fabrics don’t reach their full absorbency potential until they’ve been washed at least 8 times. While you can use them prior to washing them 8 times, just know that they won’t be as absorbent as they could be.

2. Stay Away from Fleece:
Hemp has natural oils in it that aren’t fully dissolved until after it's been washed 8 times. While these oils don’t affect baby or other diapers, they can reduce the absorbency of any fleece diapers you have. For this reason, wash fleece and hemp diapers separately until the hemp has gone through at least 8 wash cycles.

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  • Brynda Aker On

    Since these diapers require so much washing before use how can they really be that good for the environment? It’s a lot of water being wasted.

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