8 reasons you should buy a Pooters Snapless Fitted

Rebecca B. of Georgetown, Texas recently tried a Pooters Snapless Fitted on her baby.  She loved it so much she wrote the most amazing review.  Since I think customers can tell the story of Pooters way better than me, I decided to let you read in Rebecca's own words why everyone should buy a Pooters Snapless Fitted.  Thank you so much for this review Rebecca.  You can't see it but I'm doing my happy dance :-).

Title:  Best. Diaper. Ever.

Rating: 5 Stars

I think I have found my diaper holy grail. I didn't think it was possible to get everything I wanted in one diaper, but here it is.

Reason #1. Its thin. This is an advantage. Since its only a couple of layers thick, it will wash up almost as easily as a flat diaper, which is HUGE!

Reason #2. It has leg elastics to hold in poop. Self explanatory. This is such a great thing if you like to use wool!

Reason #3. It doesn't have a closure (snaps or velcro). This is great because velcro wears out and catches on things and it can be hard to get a good fit with snaps.

Reason #4. It only comes in two sizes, both of which will last a while. I started my three month old 15 lbs baby in size 2, but suspect she would have still fit in size one... and size 2 should fit until potty training.

Reason #5. Its wonderful, natural cotton. Cotton washes so easily and is super soft.

Reason #6. Pick your own insert. My baby is sensitive to bamboo, so we like hemp. Buying both pieces separately really allows you to customize.

Reason #7. The cover is separate. This is great because it allows you so much flexibility. We love wool and keep PUL and TPU covers as backups. You can use whatever you want, and separating the waterproof cover from the absorbent diaper means, once again, both will come cleaner in the wash.

Reason #8. Cost. I mean, have you LOOKED at the cost? I am selling my $35 sbish fitteds because I like these better. Seriously. They hit everything on my wishlist AND they are also the cheapest option. I can't wait to have a full stash of these.

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