Absolutely the 4 Best Overnight Diapers for Boys in 2023

Diapering boys is not the same as it is for girls, but with a few tips you can make sure your little one is snug and dry, always.

In this post I'll cover questions like...

  • Why is my baby boy leaking through everything?
  • Which brand of diaper is the most absorbent?
  • How do I stop my baby boy from peeing out of his diaper at night?
  • What diaper brand is best for boys?
  • What is the safest diaper for boys?
  • Which diaper is best for overnight?
  • What overnight diapers hold the most pee?


  • My promise to you

I am a mom of four that had the "privilege" of diapering 4 babies (2 boys and 2 girls) - and that came with a lot of mistakes and lessons learned. So in this blog I share the diapering tips and strategies that worked really well for me. My hope is that these tips make your diaper journey super easy - so that you can spend less reading articles like this online and more time on the things that matter most -  like your sweet little one. So let’s dive in!


  • My promise to you

In this post I'm going to talk a little bit about some of the things that helped me figure out what would be the right diaper for my sons. And then I'll give you a couple of recommendations for diapers that could work for your little guy. All right? Let's get into it.


  • Tip 1: Buy Daytime AND Nighttime Diapers

The first thing that you want to think about when it comes to diapers is that there are two types of diapers that you're going to need as a parent – a daytime diaper and a nighttime diaper. Somewhere around three to six months your baby's going to start sleeping through the night, and when they do your baby will start peeing a lot more – like up to 10 times more. It will feel like Moses and the Red Sea let loose in your baby’s diaper at night. But no need to fear because diaper companies make nighttime diapers just for that. Just make sure you've got both in your stash.


  • Tip 2: Know How Much Your Baby Will Pee

The second thing you'll want to be aware of is that how much your baby is going to pee at night is directly correlated to how much they weigh. The chart below is a rough estimate of how much your baby will pee at night based on their weight. Nighttime diaper manufacturers post how much their diapers can hold so knowing this information will help you pick the right one.

chart of urine output at night based on baby weight 


  • My Top 4 Recommended Nighttime Diapers for Boys
Like I mentioned before, I’m a mom of four. I went through a ton of diapers, disposable and cloth, before I finally found what worked for me and my sons. Ultimately, I ended up making my own – a hemp reusable diaper. But I get that cloth isnt’ for everyone, so the list below are my top recommended diapers (cloth and disposable) for heavy wetters.


1. Target Up & Up (size 6)

This diaper holds up to 28 ounces which is enough for a heavy wetter. One pack of diapers will last 2 months and will cost roughly 28 cents per day. So essentially, you're paying 1 penny per ounce - not bad.

Target Up and Up Overnight Diapers Size 6


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2. Luvs (size 6)

This diaper holds up 20 ounces, which is enough for most babies. However, I would avoid this if you have a boy that weighs over 20 pounds. The bonus is that one pack lasts 4 months, bringing the cost to roughly $10 a month.



3. Huggies Overnites (size 6) 

Of all the disposable diapers on the market, this diaper is the most absorbent, holding up to a whopping 34 ounces (just over 4 cups of pee). As such, it is the priciest of the diapers I've tried, but anything that saves you multiple nighttime trips to wash and change sheets and breaking your little one's sleep is worth it in my opinion.  The downside is that one pack only lasts 2 months.



4. Pooters Super Soaker

A reusable diaper that holds up to 31 ounces. It comes with a stay-dry layer so baby feels dry while he sleeps and doesn't wake up. The inside fabric is made from a blend of sustainable hemp fibers and organic cotton. The snaps on the front allow you to adjust this diaper from 8 lbs (birth) to 40 lbs (potty-training stage). All you'll ever need to buy is 3 diapers and 2 diaper covers and wash and reuse. 


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So that's the rundown of the four best overnight diapers for boys.

P.S. They do work for girls also.  

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