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Insert - Bamboo (Holds 8 oz)

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Stop with inserts that don't absorb worth a crap! Get a real insert already.  I'm talking bamboo and cotton blended together to hold up to 8 ounces of pee.  That's a whole friggin' cup! Gooooood googly-moogly!  

Not sure how much absorbency you need? Check out this chart here.


  • Perfect for cloth diapers (of course)
  • Also perfect for disposable diapers (say what?!)
  • Highly recommended for nighttime use to kick leaks in the butt!

What I love about this insert is that it has 2 sides. One side has natural bamboo and cotton fibers. It's super squishy and perfect for really sensitive bums. The other side has fleece so no matter how much your baby pees at night they won't feel wet and wake up crying, and then you wake up crying, and it's 3 AM, and that really sucks! Or maybe that's just in my house :-0. 


  • 3 layers of blended natural bamboo and organic cotton
  • holds up to 8 ounces
  • one stay-dry layer of fleece
  • Contains a 70/30 blend of bamboo and organic cotton
  • super thin and trim
  • (after washing) measures 14.25 x 5.25 inches



  • Fits from 12 lbs to 40 lbs.
  • (after washing) Length: 14.25 inches
  • (after washing) Crotch / Width: 5.25 inches


30 DAY LEAK-FREE GUARANTEE: Buy and try. If you don't like it, send it back in 30 days and get allllll yo' money back!

6-MONTH REPLACEMENT WARRANTY: Buy it. Use it. Love it. If you have any problems, defects or damage within 6 months of purchase, send it back and I'll replace it for free.

Special Note: In order for you to get the warranty, I need some sort of legitimate proof that the item was purchased new from either my Amazon store, store, or one of my wholesale retailers. And as much as it might suck, no I won't just "take your word for it because you're honest person".



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