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PUL Cover (Newborn)

Pooters Newborn Diaper Covers are trim, leak-proof, long-lasting diaper covers for daytime or nighttime use.


  • This cover is intended for use with newborn cloth diapers.
  • Highly recommended for use with prefold, flat, contour and fitted diapers.


  • Double barrier gusset to contain leaks and poop explosions
  • Hook and Loop closure for easy off and on
  • Elastic across back for snug fit around waist
  • Umbilical scoop



  • Fits from 6 lbs to 12 lbs.


1 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY: Buy any Pooters diaper cover and we'll cover any defects or damage for the first 12 months. Simply send us the defective item and we'll replace it for free.



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