Hemp Overnight Fitted

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Thirsty. Organic. Workhorse.

Our #1 Best Seller for parents seeking a nighttime solution that actually works. This is a one-size fits all diaper packed with 6 thirsty layers of hemp so you wake up to dry sheets every morning.  Each fitted includes a hemp shell with a snap-in hemp soaker and a lay-in hemp soaker. Both soakers can be folded uniquely to provide more absorbency in the middle for girls or the front for boys. Available with a stay-dry hemp insert option that adds an additional 13 ounces of absorbency and a fleece layer that makes baby feel dry. 

Features a one-snap, snap-down rise to adjust for smaller babies.

Benefit: keeps your baby feeling dry and leak-free through the night so baby, and you, can get a good night's rest

Content: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton

Requirements: requires a diaper cover (size 2) to prevent leaks.

Fit: has a 22 inch rise and fits thighs up to 12 inches in circumference. It fits most babies 12 to 40 pounds or babies between 2 months up to 5 years of age. Diaper is easily adjusted with a 1-step snap rise.

Prepping Instructions: wash 3 times on hot, then dry

Washing Instructions: rinse cold, wash hot, dry

Warranty: Comes with a 30-day leak-free guarantee and a 6-month replacement warranty. 

Nightly Urine Output by Weight:

How much your child pees at night varies based on age, weight and gender. Use the table below to figure out what type of diaper you need.

Age Weight Nightly Output
Newborn 6 to 8 lbs 7 to 10 oz
0 - 3 mos 13 to 15 lbs 14 to 18 oz
3 - 6 mos 16 to 20 lbs 18 to 22 oz
6 - 9 mos 18 to 21 lbs 20 to 25 oz
9 - 12 mos 20 to 23 lbs 22 to 27 oz
12 - 24 mos 25 to 29 lbs 14 to 17 oz
24 - 36 mos 30 to 34 lbs 16 to 20 oz
36 - 48 mos 33 to 40 lbs 18 to 23 oz


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