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Snapless Fitted (8 to 16oz)

This is by far my most favorite everyday diaper.  It's super stretchy, yet snug in all the right places. And no matter your baby's body type, I guarantee this diaper will fit.  It's kind of like "Sisterhood of the traveling pants" meets cloth diaper mama - if that makes any sense. And the wings are super long so they overlap which makes them easy to pin (if that's your thing) and helps you get the most out of those Boingo Baby fasteners because you only need one to keep the diaper in place. But for more reasons on why you should love this diaper, check out Rebecca B's review below... it's uh-may-zing.  And I didn't even have to pay her to write it so... win-win. 

Not sure how much absorbency you need? Check out this chart here.


  • This diaper can be customized for use for day or night.
  • It only holds 8 oz by itself, so if your baby is 3 months or older PLEASE add an insert.  It's a miracle fitting diaper, not a miracle diaper.
  • Wayyyyyy better than prefolds and flat diapers.
  • No snaps so you'll need to use a diaper pin, Snappi or one of those Boingo thingamajigs.
  • Just made from cotton honey so you WILL be needing a cover!



  • elastic in waist and legs to prevent things from *ahem* escaping
  • 2 layers of organic cotton fabric in the body 
  • Super trim - as thin as a disposable diaper (say what?!)



  • SIZE 1 - fits 6 to 15 lbs
    • (after washing) Rise: Up to 16 inches
    • (after washing) Waist: Up to 18 inches
    • (after washing) Legs: Up to 9 inches
  • SIZE 2 - fits 15 to 40 lbs
    • (after washing) Rise: Up to 20 inches
    • (after washing) Waist: Up to 20 inches
    • (after washing) Legs: Up to 12 inches

The size of the diaper is adjusted by folding down the front of the diaper.


30 DAY LEAK-FREE GUARANTEE: Buy and try. If you don't like it, send it back in 30 days and get allllll yo' money back!.

6-MONTH DIAPER REPLACEMENT WARRANTY*: Buy it. Use it. Love it. If you have any problems, defects or damage within 6 months of purchase, send it back and I'll replace it for free.

*In order for you to get the warranty, I need some sort of legitimate proof that the item was purchased new from either my Amazon store, store, or one of my wholesale retailers. And as much as it might suck, no I won't just "take your word for it because you're honest person".


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