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Hemp Overnight Fitted (Gently Used)
Pooters one-size organic leak-free hemp fitted

Hemp Overnight Fitted (Gently Used)

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Gently used items are items that were either purchased and returned within 30 days or had a manufacturing defect (e.g. stain). Gently used items are sold anywhere from 15% up to 50% off of their original price. Because of that, discount codes like BUY3 cannot be used with them. Gently used items are final sale and cannot be returned.



  • Hemp shell
  • Snap-in hemp insert
  • Lay-in hemp soaker
  • Stay-dry hemp insert (optional)
  • Snap-down rise to adjust for smaller babies

Requirements: requires a diaper cover (size 2)

    Prepping Instructions: wash hot once with 1 cup of bleach for sanitary reasons. wash 2 more times on hot, then dry

    Washing Instructions: rinse under warm/hot water before tossing in a diaper pail. On wash day, rinse cold with detergent, wash hot, then dry.