3 steps to cure yeast diaper rash

Treating yeast rash in cloth diapers.

Appearance: acne-like pimples

Note: if your baby's rash does not look like this, check out our diaper rash guide for other types of diaper rash.

Location: entire bum

Cause: consumption of antibiotics, over-consumption of citrus fruits, sugar, non-organic dairy, or gluten

The 3 Step Cure:

  1. Apply a yeast-rash diaper creamanti-fungal cream like Lotrimin, or a 50-50 diluted mix of Bragg's apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water at every diaper change for up to 7 days
  2. Feed your baby foods high in acidophilus (e.g. organic plain greek yogurt) or give baby 1 tsp a day of a probiotic like Bio-Kult, Prescript Assist, or Probiota 12 for 7 days.
  3. Add 1 cup of bleach to every cloth diaper load up to 5 days after the rash has disappeared.

    NOTE: It will take roughly a week for the rash to clear and another week to kill the bacteria in your cloth diapers.

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    • Nicole H On

      Yeast are not spore forming fungi. They are individually easy to kill but are everywhere in the environment which is why infections are hard to treat. When the body provides and environment which leads to their overgrowth (warm, wet, without other bacteria to compete for food), they will grow. It isn’t really possible to prevent exposure to yeast because they are naturally on your skin and in the environment. The goal in treating overgrowths is to reduce yeast back to normal levels and restore other natural bacteria that keep the yeast growth levels in check.

    • Azucena DeLaRosa On

      Eleven, can you tell me the gse ratio when diluted in water? Want to spray it in my daughter’s bum as she’s showing early signs of diaper thrush.

    • Eleven On

      M is correct; yeast is a fungus. However, an imbalance of the microflora (good and bad BACTERIA) throughout the GI tract (from mouth to exits ;) is ONE cause of yeast infections. More commonly, a yeast infection of the diapered areas would be caused by excess moisture.
      In any case, here is a very important fact: there are many methods to kill yeast. But, there is only ONE way to kill yeast SPORES and, if not killed, these can grow and reinfect/infect ALL, no matter if you use bleach, creams, prebiotic, nuclear bombs, etc., and that is Grapefruit Seed Extract! I use Nutribiotic brand, but i’m sure there are others (I advise researching thoroughly!)
      AND PLEASE NOTE: NEVER use GSE undiluted! Re: Nutribiotic, it is a liquid form in glycerin- the glycerin is NOT intended as a topical dilution!!! Add to coconut oil or such. And mix in a bottle of water, shake well & add to laundry rinse cycle …or wash cycle.
      Best wishes to all ☺

    • M On

      Yeast is a FUNGUS. Not a bacteria.

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