Changing the Game with Hemp

I’ve been on this cloth diapering journey for 4 years now! Each child has brought new challenges! One of the most frustrating things has been nighttime wetting! This has to be one of the top reasons that parents quit cloth diapering. The worst thing is thinking you have a good system in place then picking up a soaking wet baby!


Baby in hemp cloth diaper

Nighttime bed-wetting definitely had me ready to give up on this cloth diapering thing! I didn’t have this problem until my little guy, Liam, was about 10 months old. So he was almost fully mobile and on-the-go! 

Initially, I tried to use flour sack towels, but would still have leakage. So I’m like, “okay maybe I just need to add another towel”. Still leaked. Y’all I tried every combo I could think of! Liam was over it! My little bubble butt couldn’t stand having 20 layers of diapering on his bottom - And I couldn’t blame him. 

It wasn’t until a good friend suggested that I try hemp! It ended up being the answer to all my night time worries 🙏 I didn’t quite get it on the first try but I was determined to have a dry baby!

Hemp changed the game! When I first used it, I was like “I’ve been lied to yet again because this is not working!”, but with a little research, I realized that you have to wash it a few times before the initial use. This is to increase absorbency. One of the best things about hemp is the longer you use it the more absorbent it becomes. One of the few things that get better with age, like a fine wine ;) 

Once I got over this slight learning curve it changed the game at night! Which meant less work for mama, and more sleep for baby! Changing to hemp helped Liam sleep longer at night. He wasn’t constantly waking up every time he peed.

If you are struggling with nighttime wetting or even leaks during the day try hemp! Hemp is the answer to all of your wetting problems, trust this mama.

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